Nelan-oxide plus
Small innovative company


Focus research area of the company covers development and production of ecofriendly nanocoatings on metals and alloys (aluminium and aluminium alloys, titanium and titanium-aluminium alloys) by means of metal nanoanodising and following modification of it to create composite coatings of different functionality (anticorrosive, electroinsulating, antibacterial, dielectric, etc.).

Technologies developed:

  1. Oxide coatings with regular pores produced by means of aluminium, titanium and their alloys nanoanodisation, 0.1-50 mkm thick and with size of pores 20-120 nm
  2. Nanocatalytic materials on the base of heat-resistant alloys
  3. Nanoporous alumina membranes (chemical resistant membranes with given pore size and high degree of order)
  4. High-voltage isolating oxide coatings on pure aluminium and some aluminium alloys
  5. Colouring light- and climate-resistant thin film coatings on aluminium and its alloys
  6. Nanocomposite eco-filters for various volatile organic compounds oxidation
  7. Antibacterial devices for air and water disinfection.